Ventilation & Insulation

Having your roof properly ventilated and insulated is critical, as dangerous heat can build under your roof. At Daech & Bauer Roofing & Remodeling, we are aware that many of our competitors don’t place enough emphasis on ventilation. Our staff and contractors take part in regular continuing education seminars so that we can offer you the best solutions for your roofing ventilation and insulation needs.

We install these products by Air Vent:

The Edge™ Vent by Air Vent — This new product provides intake ventilation for your roof if your residential roof has little or no overhang. It can be installed to work with soffit or undereave vents that are already present in your roof system. The Edge Vent passed a “30-Day Ice Dam Test” — there was no leaking after 30 days from an ice dam over the Edge Vent.



ShingleVent® II by Air Vent –ShingleVent II is installed on the peak of your roof, and allows ventilation from one end of the roofline to the other. It includes an external baffle and an internal weather filter — providing ideal flow of air and weather protection for your roof. The ShingleVent II design allows the ridge of your roof to be capped with shingles, aesthetically blending into the rest of your roof.

Depend on Daech & Bauer’s expertise and innovative product selection for your ventilation and insulation solutions!