Flat Roofing for Commercial Buildings in St. Louis, MO

Flat Roofing St. Louis MOIf you take a look around the business district of St. Louis, Missouri, you’ll quickly notice that the vast majority of the commercial structures have flat roofing (or low-slope roofing). An overwhelmingly popular choice for warehouses, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, apartment buildings, and residential condominiums, flat roofing is just as effective as sloped roofing for protecting a structure, but it is a more cost-effective solution for commercial applications in which a sloped roof would not scale well. Plus, flat roofing has a neat and uniform appearance that meets the stringent aesthetic requirements most commercial property owners must adhere to.

Long-Lasting Protection – But Proper Installation Is Key

When installed correctly and regularly maintained by an experienced professional, flat roofing can be expected to last a very long time. Because a flat roof has a minimal slope, the risk of blow-offs due to high winds is greatly reduced. And when equipped with an effective drainage system, a flat roof will require minimal upkeep. But the importance of a proper installation cannot be overstated. Factors such as durability, energy efficiency, and susceptibility to specific issues such as ponding water and damage from foot traffic are directly related to the installation process. So, whether you need a complete flat roofing system for a commercial structure or a flat roof repair, you’ll want to choose the right contractor.

As one of the most respected commercial roofing companies in St. Louis, MO, Daech & Bauer Roofing is up to the task. Our skilled roofers are experienced in working with all types of flat roofing products, including TPO, metal, modified bitumen, asphalt shingles, and EPDM, and we use products from the top manufacturers in the roofing industry, such as Owens Corning™ and Tamko. We also offer a no-nonsense labor and materials warranty. For all of these reasons and more, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence and a long list of satisfied customers.

Count on the Flat Roofing Experts at Daech & Bauer

Contact Daech & Bauer Roofing today to learn more about our flat roofing services. Be sure to ask about our “apples to apples” guarantee—in essence, we will match the price advertised for the same work by any roofing company in St. Louis, MO.