Is it possible to be a green roofing company? Yes!

Daech & Bauer Roofing & Remodeling is working hard to set a new standard for our community and our roofing customers. We’ve made improvements in our operations to lessen our environmental impact. Here are the actions we’ve taken:

  • Deliver roof debris material to a waste company that recycles roofing shingle debris. This alone saves over 1,000 tons of landfill waste per year!
  • Partner with material suppliers that are committed to manufacturing processes that utilize less energy and reduced non-recycled waste. Many of our suppliers are working towards or have achieved a Energy 5 Star rating
  • Partner with commercial dumpster companies that use more fuel-efficient, well-maintained diesel trash haulers that can carry more weight per trip to the dump. This significantly increases overall fuel economy per ton of waste.
  • Offer and promote lifetime asphalt shingles, composite and metal roof products that significantly reduce the lifetime cost of the product and therefore future energy consumption.
  • Invest in flat roof certifications for TPO products that significantly reduce commercial buildings’ energy usage and can have a “landscaped” roof installed above it.
  • No 4×4 big truck syndromes at our company! Big trucks mean big tires, more fuel, more oil and more maintenance all adding up to a BIG Carbon Footprint. Production vehicles are fuel efficient and two wheel drive to achieve a much better carbon footprint. Some of our vehicles are also E85 Flex Fuel compatible.
  • Office Operations- The mother of all waste!
  1. Our goal for minimal paper storage has been in place since the company’s 1996 inception. An incredible computerized record collection & database system supports this goal.
  2. Paper usage is shredded and recycled by contracting with “Shred It Company”. This company sends a mobile shredder to our office at regular intervals to process and recycle our paper waste.
  3. We have pushed the roofing industry and our roofing suppliers to correspond via email. We have successfully reached this point in an industry reluctant to change.
  4. Extensive use of laptops by roofing estimators allows our team to modify, change and adjust our proposals to customers without having to constantly re-print.
  5. Utilize a high speed scanner for almost all short & long term document storage needs. The team is working diligently to achieve the illusive goal of a paperless office!
  6. Significant hard drive space to digitally store all customer files and pictures.
  7. The team has customized a database program exclusively for our roofing company’s needs that organizes all of the information that could possibly be needed to support customers. This effort eliminates the need to print, file and store this information.
  8. All of our technology has power settings to automatically shut down after minimal usage, including programmable thermostats.

Yes, it is possible to be a green roofing company. Just ask us at Daech & Bauer — we’re doing it!