Hail Damage Repair for Homeowners in Maryville, IL & Surrounding Communities

Hail Damage Maryville ILIf hail damage has compromised the roof on your home in the Maryville, Illinois area, let Daech & Bauer Roofing help you return your roof to optimal condition. Hail, high winds and heavy rains can weaken the level of protection your roof provides for your home, opening the door for leaks, mold growth and rapid roof deterioration. If your roof has been damaged in a storm, Daech & Bauer can assist you throughout the insurance claim process to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

When the roof on your Maryville, IL home suffers hail damage, we will:

  • Participate in the insurance company’s inspection of your roof to ensure that all damage is sufficiently noted
  • Review the claim summary to see that all necessary repairs are detailed
  • Help you submit a claim supplement if additional compensation will be needed to properly repair your roof
  • Provide precise and timely repairs and back our work with a five-year labor warranty

In addition to hail damage repairs, Daech & Bauer also offers roof replacements for those situations when repairs won’t be enough. We install a total roofing system that is designed to prevent water intrusion, create a roof that is durable enough to withstand high winds and heavy rain, and allow for sufficient attic ventilation. This comprehensive system can slow roof deterioration while also helping manage attic temperatures, which can potentially reduce your energy usage.

If you would like to learn more about the hail damage repairs and other services we offer for homeowners in Maryville, IL and throughout the region, contact Daech & Bauer Roofing today.