A New Roof for Your Home in Granite City, IL – Is It Time?

The need for a new roof might seem like it should be obvious. But, it isn’t always. Like many homeowners, you probably don’t give it much thought—and the fact that you don’t have to is a good thing. But, if you were trying to decide whether it’s time for a new roof, would you know where to start? If not, the experts at Daech & Bauer Roofing can offer some guidance.

Here’s What To Look For

As trusted roofing contractors serving Granite City, Illinois, we help many homeowners determine whether a roof repair or replacement (or neither) is needed. We suggest that you begin by giving your roof a thorough once-over to look for these subtle issues and tell-tale signs that you might need a new roof:

  • New Roof Granite City ILCurled, cupped, buckled, or turned-up shingles
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Shingles with bald spots where the asphalt granules have worn away
  • Cracked flashing or deteriorating seals around the vents, chimneys, or skylights
  • Dark patches or stains from moisture buildup or algae growth
  • Sagging in the roof deck (flat portions of the roof)
  • Rotting or decayed wood
  • Loose or missing fascia
  • Asphalt granules in your gutters
  • Leaks or water damage on your ceiling, walls, or elsewhere inside your home

What About Simple Old Age?

A properly installed roof can perform well for up to 30 years (and sometimes even longer), but if your roof is getting up there in age, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give it some attention. Just like everything else, a roof has a finite lifetime. Additionally, if all of the homes in your neighborhood were built around the same time and you’ve noticed that several of your neighbors recently had a new roof installed, it’s probably time to have yours checked out as well.

If you’re ready for a new roof (or if you aren’t sure if you need one), contact Daech & Bauer Roofing, your local Owens Corning™ Preferred Contractor in Granite City, IL. We will be pleased to provide a free appraisal and, if you choose to replace your roof, tell you about the outstanding Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System®, which features a secure waterproof barrier, outstanding durability, and optimal attic ventilation.