Daech and Bauer Roofing & Remodeling Buyer’s Protection Plan

Our goal is to earn you and your family’s business for life and that is why we have created this roofing customer service program.

This service package is standard & automatically included on all DBINC sold roofing jobs. This plan covers our roofing customers for any potential service needs on jobs that have expired Daech and Bauer Roofing & Remodeling workmanship warranties but are still covered under the material manufacturer’s limited product warranty.

quality_integrity_aHere is a common example: Our standard workmanship warranty on roofing jobs is 5 years, but the shingle manufacturer’s warranty is 30 years. This plan provides for service anytime in years 6-30.

As a past satisfied customer, you will be on our priority service list when your service request is made. This is especially helpful in a storm environment when most companies have months of work backlog, and it also applies to all emergency storm work.

We will inspect your property on a priority basis, and the charges will be based on actual time and material of the repair technician with a one-hour minimum. An estimate will be provided for written approval if the repairs are in excess of the minimum charge.

We appreciate your participation in this plan and have found it provides a high level of customer satisfaction during those “in limbo years” so common in the roofing industry. Please be sure to keep our contact information handy for future reference.