Mission and Values

Our Mission – improving our customers’ lives by offering superior roofing services!

mission_valuesDaech & Bauer Roofing is in business to improve the lives of our customers by providing the highest quality products and superior workmanship, thereby creating the best possible home improvement experience for them.  Our company is also in business to improve the lives of our employees by providing personal and financial growth opportunities for them by creating long term growth, profitability and stability of our company.

At Daech & Bauer, our values shape our roofing service and workmanship!

1. Do superior quality work and stand behind it….Quality You Can Count On!

2. Treat others as you would want to be treated….Follow the golden rule!

3. Fanatical Discipline & Dedication to goals….Passionate Pursuit of Excellence!

4. Be fair and honest with integrity….Doing the right thing even when no one is looking!

5. Seek continuous improvement….A learning, flexible, growing organization!

6. Communicate clearly….Understanding one’s perspective is the key to solving problems!

7. Be a good corporate citizen….Contribute to the success of the communities we serve, our great country, environment, & the global economy!

8. Have Passion & Balance, in business & life….Always do your best & have fun!

9. Show respect….Show the utmost respect, regardless of cultural differences, for all customers, vendor partners, fellow employees, and the international community!

10. Profit is not a dirty word….Profit is the key to a successful society; everyone’s quality of life is dependent upon successful businesses and individuals!