Chimney Repair

Chimneys are a common sight on rooftops. Often made of brick they look to last forever. Just like your roof, chimneys are exposed to the elements every moment of every day. This means they need maintenance from time to time.

Daech & Bauer provides a number of chimney repair services. Whether your chimney needs to have tuck pointing done, replacing the chimney cover, re-stepping the flashing, or even rebuilding, our team has the experience you need to get the job done right.

Tuck Pointing / Rebuilding

Tuck Pointing (or tuckpointing) involves the removal and replacement of the mortar holding your chimney together. When the mortar is overly compromised Daech & Bauer can rebuild your chimney for you.

Chimney Tops / Crickets

Made of metal, your chimney top will rust over time. Daech & Bauer can provide you with a quality replacement for you. We install water diverters, commonly called “crickets” on chimneys wider than 24″ if the owner wants.

Step Flashing

Any place where pipes or chimneys go through your roof is the potential for a place for water to leak down into your home. Properly installed flashing diverts any water away from these areas and keeps your home dry.

Chimney Removal

If you own an older home, have installed a 90+ furnace or 90+ water heater that does not need to be vented through a chimney, and have a deteriorating chimney, Daech and Bauer can remove the chimney down to the roof line when we replace your roof.

Any questions about how Daech & Bauer can help you with your chimney repair need?