We Expertly Assess & Repair Roof Storm Damage in Collinsville, IL

Roof Storm Damage Collinsville ILThe roof on your home or commercial building in Collinsville, Illinois, is designed to withstand the perils of severe weather. However, it is not invincible—it can still sustain damage due to blustery winds, drenching rains, pounding hail, heavy snow, fallen tree branches, or flying debris.

Because roof storm damage is not always readily apparent, many experts recommend carefully assessing the condition of your roof as soon as it is possible to safely do so after a storm passes. This job—which requires specialized expertise, equipment, and safety precautions—is best left to a professional. That’s why you should enlist the help of Daech & Bauer Roofing. Roofing is our passion, and we’re pleased to perform prompt and reliable roof inspections, repairs, and replacements for both residential and commercial customers.

Signs of Roof Storm Damage

After a storm, Daech & Bauer will promptly send an experienced roofing technician to your property to perform a comprehensive assessment of your roof. To detect weather-related damage, we will look for:

  • Broken, cracked, split, curled, buckled, or missing shingles or shakes
  • A loss of granulation
  • Leaks and water damage in the attic and on the ceiling and walls
  • Cracks, tears, or blisters around the edges of the roof
  • Damaged chimney bricks
  • Torn or buckled flashing
  • Cracked or worn caps or joints
  • Bent, loose, or missing gutter sections
  • And more

Once you have a full understanding of the roof storm damage you need to address, you may opt for a roof repair or replacement. We can explain all of your options and help you select the ideal roofing materials. Additionally, if you’re filing an insurance claim for the roof storm damage, we’ll be pleased to assist you with that process as well. As your trusted roofing company, we have you covered!

If a storm recently passed through Collinsville, IL, and you’re wondering about its effects on your roof, don’t delay—contact Daech & Bauer Roofing today. We can identify any roof storm damage per insurance company guidelines, then help you get it addressed right away.