If you have Storm Damage, turn to the Roofing Experts Serving the Greater St. Louis, MO Area & the Entire Metro East Region

Daech & Bauer’s Storm Repair Program is a step by step process on how to identify, document, and present to homeowners and carriers, detailed findings of storm damage through a complete property inspection. The overall aim of the program is to provide consistent, accurate, and reliable results to assist homeowners & insurance carriers document the damage and accelerate the claims settlement process. This comprehensive expertise has been gathered through the owners prior employment history at the largest homeowners insurance company in the United States & utilizing the collective intelligence gathered by the Daech & Bauer Roofing team.


The process for each inspection includes all of the following:

  1. Physical inspection of the property
    1.  This includes observations of damage that should be covered by your insurance company
    2. Detailed photos if needed that include all elevations of the building, close-ups of damage,  photos with a  pitch gauge, a complete overview, and any other condition that the Daech & Bauer representative feels necessary to be documented. These pictures are used to document damage for the homeowner & insurance company.  These photos are also utilized by the production department during the collection process of the job (as necessary), to give clarity to all parties involved with what work is being completed on the project.
    3. If there is no damage found, the process will end at this point unless the customer requests an estimate to handle outside of the insurance claims process.
    4. If the customer selects us to be their contractor of record, we will work with the insurance company to complete all the covered storm damage, and items 2 & 3 will commence.
  2. A Complete Arial/Satellite  Eagle View Report if needed, to insure accuracy, through a third party measuring system, which is currently being deployed and accepted by most major national insurance carriers, and is optional. If the Eagle View report is not available for the subject property, a detailed handwritten drawing will be completed.
  3. An Estimate & itemized  list of the covered storm damage will be provided to the customer upon final reconciliation with their insurance company.  Additionally,  an estimate will be provided for any desired options or upgrades the customer may be interested in purchasing.

Whether you have hail damage, wind damage, or other storm damage, please call us today for your FREE Roof Inspection. Our experts are standing by to help you!